What We Offer

Our mission is to prevent cruelty to animals as a result of pet overpopulation through spay/neuter programs, to provide financial assistance to individuals and other non-profit organizations to enable them to afford medical and dental treatment for the animals in their care,
and to help families take great care of their pets through educational programs.

  • Spay/Neuter Vouchers

    Anyone can pick up a $50 voucher to have your pet spayed/neutered. No proof of income is required. Vouchers are available at the Animal Shelter.

  • Medical/Dental Assistance

    If your pet needs a medical or dental procedure that you cannot afford, you can download and print our
    Aid Application to apply for financial help.

  • Community Education

    We will hold community education events and create posts designed to help our families care for their pets in the healthiest way possible.

Pets we've helped

Who We've Helped

In 2019, Planned Pethood Leadville distributed over 100 vouchers to help our community spay or neuter their pets. We've also helped with medical and dental procedures for pets who's owners were unable to afford treatment.

Hela Carpenter, founder of Planned Pethood Assistance

How it all began...

In 1991, Hela Carpenter started a small volunteer group called Pet Spay/Neuter Advocates to help reduce the population of unwanted, homeless animals in Leadville, Colorado.

In 1998, Hela incorporated the group as a non-profit called Planned Pethood Assistance, Inc. The volunteer group continued their work by fundraising and providing financial assistance for the spay/neuter program, which provided procedures for almost 5,000 animals over the past 20 years!

In 2019, Hela retired and Chris Floyd took over as President of Planned Pethood Assistance, Inc., which is now trading as Planned Pethood Leadville. The new Board of Directors is looking to add to the existing spay/neuter program by offering financial assistance to those whose pets are need of other medical procedures, but may not be able to afford to pay for such care, as well by providing as special events and community education programs.

Board Members

Planned Pethood Leadville is run by a pet-loving, hard-working volunteer board. Sometimes we prefer the company of our furbabies to our hoomans...

Chris Floyd, President

Jill Hall, Vice President

Jenelle Stefanic, Secretary

Dr. Cindy Harman, Community Education

Diane Grogan, Treasurer


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