Media Release


I, the undersigned, hereby assign all rights, including but not limited to: publicity, personality, identity, privacy and the like, to my providing or being a subject of or included in photographs, films, videotapes, recording, or any media whatsoever (collectively “the media”)
now known or in the future made or obtained by Planned Pethood Assistance, Inc. t/a Planned Pethood Leadville (“PPL”), its agents or representatives in connection with my participation in or contribution to PPL activities or events. I hereby authorize PPL, its agents and assigns, to cause the same to be exhibited publicly for promotional purposes in its sole discretion and acknowledge that said media shall be the property of PPL, in which I reserve no rights. I agree that PPL may rely on my promise not to in any form or under any circumstance contest or object to PPL, or its agents and assigns, use of the media.

I further acknowledge that my delivery of this Release and Authorization is an inducement to PPL, its agents and assigns, to allow me to participate in or contribute to the activities or events for which the media was made or obtained, and to evidence my consent and promises stated above. 

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